Our Portfolio


Project 1

The engine swap was a success. No more knocking. Swapped a few parts from the knocking engine to the donor. Also freshened up the donor engine with some new valve cover gaskets, water pump gasket, spark plugs and plug wires, and an oil pan and pan gasket. Also did a decarb service.

Customer says it is running great and has a noticeable amount of better throttle response. No leaks. No knocking. Only smiling faces.


Project 3

Put new fuel lines on this big boy the other day. 2010 Chevy 2500HD Duramax. The old fuel lines were showing their age with some minor leaks along the frame rail. Out with the old and in with the new. Had the customer waited too much longer these small leaks could have turned into a tow bill to the shop on top of the repairs.


Project 5

Put a new power steering rack in this 2004 Chevy C1500. As you can see the old one was leaking a bit and the customer complained that it was starting to bind up when turning. Customer also complained that the "charging light" would come on intermittently while driving. After a couple tests I found that the alternator was barely charging the battery and barely keeping the truck alive. Who knows how long it would have been before it left her stranded on the side of the road?!


Project 2

A customer brought this 95 Chevy K2500 in to have me check it out. The customer uses this truck to run his own business and given the condition of the truck he knew it was worth putting a little money into it. I'd have to say he was right. Now the truck has all new power steering lines, 1 new wheel bearing, new front brake pads and rotors, 1 new brake caliper, a new idler arm and bracket assembly, new serpentine belt, and a new lower radiator hose. Also changed the oil and greased everything. I feel confident saying this truck is going to get this fellow business owner through his busy season without any hiccups.


Project 4

Both rear axle seals were leaking on this 07 Chevy 2500HD. Out with the old. In with the new. A relatively inexpensive repair that potentially saved the customer a lot of money. Had the rear differential been run low on gear oil the internal gears could have got hot and self-destructed, potentially costing the customer upwards of $1000.


Project 6

Here we have a 2012 Jeep Wrangler. The customer brought it in for a state inspection and complained of the windshield wipers not working. After a few tests I had pinpointed the issue. It needed a Total Integrated Power Module(TIPM) also referred to as the fuse panel located under the hood. Replaced the TIPM and voila, wipers work again. Everything else passed inspection so I gave it a sticker of approval. Another satisfied customer. I saved them a ton of money! This is a job that would leave most DIYer's puzzled and they would probably start to install parts in the vehicle that were unnecessary. Luckily they brought it to an affordable Master Technician with one if the best auto repair programs in the industry. No unnecessary parts installed. Nailed it!